The Chemists’ Days

The Chemists’ Days (Lith. Chemikų dienos) is an annual event of Vilnius University Faculty of Chemistry which unites the community of the Faculty and gives an opportunity for the general public to have a closer look at the science of chemistry.

There are various activities during the week of the event: conferences, film night, various competitions. The week is ended with a closing concert.

Brief history

The Chemists’ Days are the oldest Faculty Days in Vilnius University.

The first Chemists’ Days took place in 1965. The idea of the event was taken from the Saint Petersburg State University. The event lasted one day and was know as the Day of the Chemist.
The event attracted guests from other cities and countries and as time went by it became a week-long celebration.

One of the main Chemists’ Days’ traditions is the Chemists’ Days Film. The first films were silent, filmed on black and white film and developed in labs of the Faculty. Nowadays the old films (as well as new ones) can be watched during the film night.

Want to help?

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