International Studies Information

Erasmus study: Full-time students who have completed half of the planned study period have the opportunity to leave for part of study. The grade average must be at least 8 in order to be eligible for a grant from the VU, otherwise – you can leave with a zero grant. Lists of universities can be found here. Selections take place in September and February. Erasmus scholarship is 350-550 € /month (depending on the country).
Going is permitted only once during a lifetime.

International and bilateral agreements. International agreement for students only guarantees free education. Vilnius University has established agreements with 101 universities in the world. You can go a few times (Erasmus does not intervene). Limitation – not to exceed half of the undergraduate term.

Erasmus practice (you can perform in all companies and organizations (abroad). You can not do it in the EU institutions, and organizations administering the programmes of EU or the Lithuanian diplomatic representations. Duration is 3-12 months. Mobility grants are 500-700 € for a month. Erasmus placement period – no less than 3 months and no longer than 12 months.