Exam session

According to VU study regulations, the recommended interval between exams – 3 days.

If for an important reason the student did not participate in the examination they must inform the Dean’s Office during the 3 working days after the scheduled examination or a credit date. Then deliver a document explaining the reason for absence until the Dean’s Office term.

If a student is ill during the examination session they must present a medical report to the Dean’s Office and the examination session is extended for a specified period of time set by the medical leave which is issued by the medical institution but not for more than one month from the day of the beginning of the new semester.

The exams in Vilnius University can only be held in written form, or oral and written form combined but never only in oral form.
If a student fails an exam during the exam session they may try again during the retakes which in the first two weeks of the new semester.

The students of the first-semester of the first-year course and students of the penultimate semester of the last course are allowed to retake the exam twice.