Vilnius University Students’ Representation in Faculty of Chemistry and Geo Sciences

Address: Naugardukas st. 24, 164 cab., Vilnius
M. K. Čiurlionis st. 21/27, 3 housing, 109 cab., Vilnius
Tel. no. +370 682 24 094
Facebook: VU SA CHGF

Vilnius University Students’ Representation Faculty of Chemistry and Geo Sciences (Lith. acronym VU SA CHGF)  is an independent, non-profit orientated, non-political organization which unites students who study in Vilnius University Faculty of Chemistry. The main goal of the club is to participate in consolidation, realization and protection of student rights and freedoms. It fights for the making of appropriate conditions for learning and for the fulfillment of students’ social, economic and spiritual needs.