The Appeals Board of the Faculty shall consist of at least one representative student appointed by the student representative body. If you have problems or uncertainties concerning the appeal commission work, contact the student representative branch of its faculty where you can find out the contacts of the representative of the Board of Appeal. He/she will provide all the information you need.


The appeal must be motivated. This means that in your appeal letter you should write down all the arguments as to why you do not agree with the evaluation of the credits or exams or other procedural irregularities (“I think so” is not a sufficient argument). Otherwise the appeal may be rejected.


Appeals can be made on the final course assessment (examinations, tests, mid-term assessment) and procedural irregularities of the examination. Appeals on the assessments of the final exam (diploma thesis defense) are not accepted.


If a student appeals about the evaluation of an examination or a credit record the appeal must be submitted within 5 working days from the examination or from the date of the credit record publication. In this case if the exam is held to be at the close of the session, the appeal must be lodged within 6 working days after the end of the session (even if the test is held on the last day of the session, in which case the student still has one day to write the appeal after their work is corrected within the regular 5 day period).

Appeals for the exam or procedure violations of credits must be presented the day after the exam or the credit date.

So, do not miss the deadline! Do not forget that before the appeal hearing you have the right to view your exam or credit record. Works are saved in department. The student providing the appeal is also offered to appeal via an electronic letter.


If your appeal concerns your exam or the credit assessment, the Appellate Commission shall instruct the department head to form a expert panel of the subject, which within 5 days proposes an evaluation of the work to the appeal commission or the appeal commission may invite selected experts proposed by the head of the Department to a meeting.

If your appeal is concerned with procedural violations the appeal commission cancels your test (credit) score(s) after identifying the essential test (netting) procedural violations. After cancelling the examination results the appeal commission shall notify its decision to the dean and the Head of the Department of the faculty and oblige the latter to create a special committee to retake the exam.

Remember that the examination (credit) must be held no later than within 14 calendar days of the appeal commission’s decision.

14 days

Remember that the appeal committee must submit its decision to you no later than within 14 calendar days from the date of the appeal submitting.

After analyzing the appeal the grade of the appellant cannot be reduced in any case.

Do not forget that until the Appeal Committee of your faculty has given its decision, no decisions from the Dean (core unit management) concerning the assessment of your study results and the examination procedure shall apply to you.